P&E (Play and Earn) is a core characteristic of blockchain games, where Players can enjoy games while also creating additional profits.
'MIR4 Global' is a blockchain game with applications of blockchain technology, with the utility coin 'DRACO' and NFT.


    'DRACO' is the utility coin for MIR4 Global.
    During gameplay, users can obtain goods (Darksteel), which can be turned into 'DRACO'. 'DRACO' can then be exchanged with 'WEMIX', a virtual asset from Wemade, which becomes profit.

  • NFT

    NFT (Non-Fungible Token) in MIR4 Global is made possible with blockchain technology, which generates unique numbers for each digital asset. During gameplay, users can obtain items as well as characters that can be turned into NFT. These NFTs can be exchanged, which becomes profit.