Hiring Process


Application Screening


First Interview


Second Interview


Job Offer

Benefits Package

  • Company Benefit Points

    Two million KRW worth of company benefit points given each year to be used freely in various places

  • Gym

    Use of affiliated gym

  • Medical Checkups and Influenza Vaccinations

    Comprehensive medical checkups and influenza vaccinations free of charge for employees and family members

  • Extra Time Off and Support for Personal Events

    Extra time off and one-time financial support for personal events such as marriage, childbirth, birthdays, bereavement, etc.

  • Education Support for Children

    One-time financial support when children of employees enter pre-school, elementary, middle, and high school

  • Facilities

    Unlimited use of company library, sleeping, shower, yoga, and nursing room facilities

  • Recreational Facilities

    Use of Daemyung Residence, Daemyung Resort, and Hanhwa Resort facilities. Use of Daemyung Residence free of charge on special days with personal events

  • Accident Insurance

    Accident insurance for all employees to minimize the burden of medical expenses incurred due to injuries, accidents, and diseases

  • Employee Reward Program for Long Service

    Reward program for employees that have worked at the company for 10 and 20 years each

  • University Tuition Support for Children

    University tuition support for children of employees to lessen the burden of the costs of education